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LEAD Academy

Coaching towards Business targets – Workshop

Coaching towards business targets is a crucial leadership skill, for anyone monitoring and leading performance. The Performance workshop aims at practicing effective ways for leading performance, balancing feedback for development potential with reinforcing positive behaviours.

Dynamic Management Coaching

Dynamic Management is a one-to-one leadership development program, using effective target-oriented tools to explore your talent, develop your competencies and expand your capacity. The process takes a wide-angle perspective on you as a leader, your own environment, your team an your goals.

The program is built around Euro Academy self-assessment tools, feedback and follow-up and results in practical action plans for development.

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Half Time Coaching

Building a strategy for the second half of your life!

Half Time is a concept to develop a strategy for the second half of your life.
Maybe you feel that so far, your life and career “just happened”. You got your education, you built your career, you set your life, family, children, home etc.

Now, in “half time” , it is time to stop for a while and think about what hs been good so far? What have been less good? How can I live the next half of my life even better? What aspects would I like to add to my life? Maybe take away something?
All these questions will sum up to a Half Time Report, and set the foundation for the most important – the Second Half Strategy!

Your Half Time coach will guide you through the structure, help you think over your life situation, consider your motivational drivers and give you coaching and feedback to formulate an action plan for the second half of your life!

CDP – Career Development Program

The CDP – Career Development Program, is built on our key performance criterias for leaders and aims at building a pipeline of potential future leaders as well as guiding individuals towards future career goals.

Target Groups

Young high potentials for future roles as line manager, project leader and specialists/key positions.


For the participant to consider the different career paths, whether it’s to be a line manager, a project leader or a specialist. Based on an effective assessment instrument, PI – Redictive Index – participants will be made aware of the own motivational drivers and will get coaching and feedback to formulate an action plan.

Mindfulness in Business

Valuable meetings in Customer relations

In a multi-channel environment, it is crucial that our customer meetings are perceived as valuable and effective. This workshop aims at discussing and training for preparing and conducting valuable meetings;
taking time to getting to know the customer needs, preparing the right materialBeing present in the meeting, “here & now” enabling customer needs to be brought up.

Target Groups

Managers, specialists, sales teams etc. who regurlarly meet


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