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LEAD Academy

Manager’s Licence

Target group / Pre-requisites

Newly appointed managers and specialists.

Course content

Provides a platform for leadership and tools for practicing an effective leadership.

The Leadership Platform program consists of two sections; The first section (1) is common for managers and specialists/project managers and the second section is divided, one for managers (2) and one for specialists/project managers (3).

1. Leadership Platform – Common

  • The Leadership Diamond
  • Value driven Leadership
  • Business Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategic Focus areas
  • Diversity
  • Teambuilding
2. Manager’s Licence – Managers

  • Labour legislation
  • Recruitment & mobility
  • Performance & Development Plan
  • Work environment
  • Budget, P/L
3. Modules – Specialists/Project managers

  • Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Team Building
  • Project Leadership
  • Communication & Conflict handling
  • Sales & Negotiation skills

LEAD program

Leadership Expansion & Development

Target group / Pre-requisites

Managers and specialists, with at least two years experience in their position.

Course content

As a leader you constantly have to develop your leadership skills based on the current situation and your own needs. With the LEAD program you can tailor-make your development program, based on your Performance & Development Plan.

LEAD consists of a start-up seminar, followed by individually chosen modules and then a graduation project.

Start-up Seminar

  • A Global Out-look – where do we stand today?
  • Leadership Diamond
  • Strategic Focus
  • Diversity as a business opportunity

L.E.A.D Modules (minimum 3)

  • Leadership Diamond – Advanced level
  • Business Management
  • Coaching
  • Building high performance teams
  • Change Management
  • Communication & Conflict handling
  • Sales/ negotiation Skills
  • Project Leadership
  • Leadership for specialists


  • Taking the lead – what does it take?
  • Networking
  • Graduation Project

Leading Innovation

When we say that we must work for continuous improvement, innovation and creativity, it is crucial that we create a structure that enables this and a culture were we are encouraged to try new ways to develop our business. To work for this, we are developintg a leadership module “Driving Innovation“ that in a structured way provides us with tools and methods for working with developing business in close cooperation with our customers. To continuously strive for finding new, innovative solutions, we need to work on our visionary skills, seeing the wider perspective. We need to know our long-term goals, but furthermore, we need to know where our customers’ long-term goals are, where they are heading in a longer perspective, in order to be an effective business partner for them.

Leading Sales

“ Teaming up around customer needs”

Always striving for the best solution for the customer, requires that we have a structured way for cooperating across business areas and divisions. This in turn requires that we have a method for “teaming up” towards the customer and that we develop our “Sales Leadership”. The program focus to develop a structure for doing this, based on an effective Key Account Management perspective, built on cooperation across business areas, divisions and geographical sites.

LEAD modules

Leading Performance

This part of the program will focus on how to create a performance driven culture to enhance performance and strive towards business results.

Exploration into conditions for building a performance culture.

Creating high levels of employee engagement and productivity.

The manager’s role in creating alignment through an effective target-setting process.

Exploring and practicing tools for working with effective performance management; tailor-made cases that focus on our most important and demanding current organisational challenges

Leading Change

In the process of building a performance culture, the ability to lead change must be a natural, integrated part of leadership. Working for continuous improvement, it is crucial that we constantly work on exploring new ways to develop our business. Focus in this module will be on how managers can apply change in order to make it a natural part of day-to-day business, applying practical tools and methods for making it happen.

Understanding how change impacts productivity and what leaders need to do.

Coaching employees to move more rapidly and effectively through change processes.

Identifying actions to be able to deal with key changes.